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6 Dos and Don’ts of Snapchat Sexting

Despite all of the warnings, ridicule, and potential consequences- people are still sexting on Snapchat. It’s simply inevitable. We can sit here and tell you all of the reasons you shouldn’t do it, but we know that you wouldn’t listen and just go and do it anyways. So instead, we’re going to work with you instead of against you, and give you the tools and tips you need to sext on Snapchat. It’s possible to be successful, safe, and hot all at once while Snapchat sexting, and thankfully today we’re here to tell you how.

1. Do: Figure out the right audience.

One of the biggest safety issues with Snapchat sexting is who is on the receiving end of the pic. Obviously, if they’re a total jerk or sleaze, they’re more than likely going to send your sexy picture to their friends or worse- post it on the internet. Also, maybe you’re hot for this person in the moment, but come two weeks from now you might be mad at yourself for showing them your very personal parts. For all of these reasons, you need to establish that the people or person you’re sending your sexy snaps to aren’t going to use it against you. Make sure you’re not sending a full blown nude to some random you met on Tinder but haven’t seen in person yet. That’s obviously a terrible idea. Make sure you build mutual respect and understanding for one another before you take it to the sexting level. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re nudes aren’t seen by 65 people.

2. Do: Be sexy without baring it all.

Newsflash: you can be sexy and seductive without showing your junk and goodies. This must be hard to believe for some I’m sure, but it’s the truth. Taking a sexy selfie while taking a bubble bath from your chest up (no nipples, ladies) can be as sexy as showing off everything. Leave something to the imagination! It’s probably better in person anyways. So what we’re telling you here, is try and learn to be sexy without exposing every private part of yourself. This could be done with facial expressions, positions, and even captions. Snapchat sexting doesn’t always have to be so graphic or in your face- sometimes being subtly sexy goes a long way.

3. Do - it with your boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Snapchat sexting among couples is an absolute must. It’s sexy, fun, and you don’t have to worry about them sending it to people or posting it online. Send your partner sexy videos or pics throughout the day to let them know you’re thinking about them and spicing up the romance a bit. The benefit of doing this with someone you’re dating is that it makes your sexual relationship more exciting and new. Seeing your partner’s sexts is a fun change up to seeing them bare it all in the bedroom. You can get creative and surprise them in the middle of the day when they weren’t expecting it at all. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about their roommates or siblings finding it on their phone since your nude disappeared within seconds.

1. Don’t: send sexts to people you don’t know.

Snapchat sexting can be amazing and fun when you’re responsible and smart about it. Bottom line, don’t be an idiot. Would you walk up to a random stranger at a bar and flash them out of nowhere long enough for them to take a picture? No, of course not! So why would you sext a stranger you met online or on a dating app a nude of you for them to screenshot so easily? We’re not saying you need to give someone the third degree, meet their parents, and read their biography before you send sexts on Snapchat. But use common sense, people. If this is someone you trust is a decent human being and isn’t going to use your nudes against you, then send away. But use discretion and trust your gut. Don’t just send them to anyone.

2. Don’t: send sexts before you sleep together.

Why would you engage in Snapchat sexting with someone you haven’t experienced the real thing with yet? Maybe you’re testing the waters, or have some other reason, but we think you should refrain until you actual do the deed. First of all, you can take 100 nude sexts until you find the perfect one that makes you look like perfection. But what happens when they see you in person and are like, whoa, that’s much smaller than it looked. It gets awkward and then it’s obvious you just are a great picture taker. So for this reason, get under the sheets with them first before you send pictures. That way, they know what you look like before you send pics, so you don’t feel like you have to impress them more than you have to.

3. Don’t: do it while you’re drunk.

Wow, we can think of a million things that could wrong if you’re drunk while Snapchat sexting. For one, you could send it to the wrong person, or multiple wrong people. Imagine meaning to send your Snapchat sext to your crush, Josh, and then you accidently send it to your brother John?! Or you want to send one to your girlfriend Molly, and end up sending it to your Mom?! Talk about a major disaster. Second, you could accidently story your Snapchat sext, which means every single person you’re friends with on Snapchat will see it. And if you’re drunk, you probably wouldn’t realize your mistake until the morning, and then the damage is done, and your nude is circulating everywhere. Lastly, what if you take a embarrassing or unflattering sext while drunk? One that you would never send if you were sober and in your right mind? These are three major consequences that could happen to you if you send Snapchat sexts while drunk as a skunk.